Compare Azure AD Connect Configuration

Azure AD Connect is an on-premises Microsoft application that allows you to synchronize your on-premise Active Directory objects to your Microsoft tenant.

As of 31 august 2022 all 1.x versions of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect will be retired because they include SQL Server 2012 components that will no longer be supported. More information can be found here.

Updating your Azure AD Connect is recommended to ensure stability.

Current versions of Azure AD Connect have a useful “Export” button, which allows for the export of the current configuration. This feature did not exist prior to version, which meant that exporting and importing configurations was a manual task.

The following script allows you to compare the Azure AD Connect configuration of both the Source and Target server.

Run the following command on each Azure AD Connect machine to retrieve a CSV file with the required data for the comparison.
Please note that you must use a different name for the CSV files.

Get-ADSyncGlobalSettings | Select-Object -ExpandProperty parameters | Select-Object Name,value | Export-Csv -Path C:\Adsyncglobaldata.csv -NoTypeInformation

By comparing both configuration files, you can be sure that you have configured the new azure ad connect exactly like the old one.